Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 1

A podcast that reveals the stories beyond the headlines!

Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 1

October 12, 2017 Episodes 2

Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 1

Thousands of news stories are delivered to us daily, an amalgamation of words, written or spoken,  that give us insight into a moment in time. Most of us only hear a summary of the story presented to us, the 2-minute version of a tragedy that has unfolded. To say we are only exposed to the tip of the child sex trafficking iceberg is a vast understatement.  

On today’s episode, we aim to expose a bit more of that iceberg, we are going beyond the headlines to raise awareness about child sex trafficking you are going to hear a story about Christine and Bianca, a journalist and a survivor.  This is their story but it’s happening all around us.


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Thanks to Shane Yoder and his team at  for the intro music,  thanks to Ed Luby for the Awareness Logo, and thanks to my family for allowing me to do my part to help raise awareness.


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  1. Psalms 46:10 says:

    I had to stop listening after Desiree’s mother spoke. I was almost in tears. I had to stop for awhile. I am appalled this site is just out there. I am appalled they cannot overturn this law for these types of situations. I literally feel sick to my stomach. After listening to the rest, it figures people blamed her. People can be so ignorant. Bianca is still much to young to even accept this criticism. Makes me think what would they do if they just had to spend ONE day in her life during this horrible ordeal. Well I learned that “grooming” is a thing. I learned there is an open website where sick people can sell children and I am sure this includes boys too. I learned there needs to be a huge movement to get this site and others removed. I feel helpless to do anything to help. My heart aches to know at this very moment some child is being abused.

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